What is getting in the way of your ability to create a rich and meaningful life that is valuable to you?

What would you like to change or experience differently?

Are you doing what matters most to you?

There are many reasons why people seek therapy.

  • To talk about your work and level of satisfaction with it.
  • To improve your relationships and learn ways to find new ones.
  • To problem solve and cope with difficult or stressful situations.
  • To help you make important life decisions.
  • To make changes that will improve your health.
  • To improve your mood or decrease your anxiety.
  • To decrease your pain and suffering.
  • To grieve and receive support.
  • To learn more about yourself.
  • To better understand patterns in your life.
  • To increase your overall sense of well being.

With a warm and welcoming style, I aim to work collaboratively with you to help you examine what is getting in the way of your well being, learn new ways to approach your challenges and concerns, and move your life in a direction that is reflective of what matters to you most. I consider it a privilege to do this work and I welcome you to contact me for a consultation.

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